The natural root ginger contained in Active Root is scientifically proven to help calm and balance your stomach, helping you feel great when exercising


Clean fuel delivered through unbleached cane sugars. Lower GI index carbohydrate compared to other sports drinks, steadier energy delivery


Optimal levels of sea salt electrolytes help you stay hydrated. Sea salt also retains essential minerals including potassium, iron & zinc.


"As an ultra runner I wouldn’t be without Active Root, with my long runs or races taking anywhere from 4 hours to 48 hours, I need something that not only keeps me going but also helps me keep my appetite."

- Lucja Leonard, Ultra-runner

"Riding long distances can be really testing for the digestive system. I have found that Active Root really calms my stomach helping me to maintain an appetite. The spice makes it great on the palette too and a refreshing change from the sweet drinks and snacks so often consumed when exercising. It has now become a integral part of my routine."

Toby Willis - Endurance Cyclist

"As an ultra runner, I have been on a mission to find sustenance that I can tolerate for hours at a time. I used Active Root at a recent British 100km Championship and I never got fed up of the taste, I never bonked, I felt there was a steady stream of energy throughout the race."

- Robert Turner, British 100km Ultra Running Champion

"I always struggled on the longer distances to fuel - I’d get a sore tummy and sick of all the food. I was struggling to find anything but messaged Active Root about their ingredients, and was overjoyed to find I could have it. And it’s perfect! I love that I can add as little or as much as I want to my water, and it doesn’t make me feel sick or give me any other nasty side effects that gels do."

- Kate Pearson, Triathlete and PT 

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