Active Root Flavours

Our three flavours, Peppermint & GingerOriginal Ginger, and Green Tea & Ginger have been developed to taste great, make you feel good, and crucially, through natural ingredients, help you perform to your best.

All three of our flavours contain the same amount of ginger designed to naturally keep your stomach settled and reduce nausea. They also contain optimal amounts of carbohydrates and electrolytes to help keep you balanced, fuelled and hydrated before, during & after exercise.

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Peppermint & Ginger

Peppermint & Ginger delivers a fresh, cool tasting drink, that balances perfectly with the warmth of ginger. Peppermint and ginger combined help promote a calm stomach & reduction in nausea. Unique properties in peppermint can help maintain a clear respiratory tract and improve mental focus. Perfect for before exercise.

Minty, refreshing but still with optimal amounts of ginger, Peppermint & Ginger is a fantastic option for those wanting all the stomach settling benefits of ginger without the taste! 

Taste: cool and refreshing

Best to use: before and during

Additional benefits: clearance of respiratory tract 

John Cox - Cyclist testimonial

"I am enquiring as to how I write a story with couple of photographs regarding my journey overcoming many years reliance on daily tablets for reflux etc by using your drink Ginger Root as my cycling drink . I've ridden 8 thousand miles so far this year and achieved many personal bests from 5 miles to 100 plus. I am over 1100 achievements on Strava for my first year of retirement. I am no spring chicken (aged 64) but am holding my own in my own way with much younger riders who help and encourage me . I actually do most of my training solo and behave on group rides! No smashing it up!! 
I first met you at Cambridge TOC which I found a very tough day and sampled a free drink after severe cramping with the finish in sight . I then bought a sample pack , listened to your good advice and help as I was really struggling and have continued using the supplement . 
I am now virtually free of taking the previous medication and wanted to express my thanks to you. I have subsequently reordered the tubs as and when. The drink has helped in many ways. A huge thank you."


Original Ginger

Same Original Ginger flavour, improved performance! Our new & improved Original Ginger formula contains twice the amount of sea salt electrolytes and minerals, far faster dissolvability, and easier pouring. We've listened to your feedback and developed the existing flavour so that it performs better but tastes just as good! 

Delivering a mild but slightly hot gingerness, our Original Ginger flavour is the perfect drink for endurance althetes seeking a natural alternative. 

Taste: mild ginger with slight heat

Best to use: before, during and after

Additional benefits: the original and best!

Rachael Butcher - triathlete testimonial

"Because it tastes yummy, it doesn't make me feel sick like lots of other sports drinks, its vegan friendly, it doesn't contain lots of unnatural additives and its made right here in sunny Scotland! What more could you want from a sports drink?!?"

Nathan Montague - ultra running testimonial

"A natural sports drink not only replenishing energy stores and electrolytes but continuing ginger which I have personal found to help with GI issues I have experienced in training, races and life. It contains none of the nasty ingredients that give you that washing machine stomach you get after races. I can take my fuel more consistently and for longer allowing easier absorpation. I take crystallised ginger daily for its anti-inflammatory properties, I know have benefit ginger in my sports drink Actively reducing inflamation on the move."

Kate Pearson - triathlete testimonial

"I always struggled on the longer distances to fuel - I’d get a sore tummy and sick of all the food. I was struggling to find anything but messaged Active Root about their ingredients, and was overjoyed to find I could have it. And it’s perfect! I love that I can add as little or as much as I want to my water, and it doesn’t make me feel sick or give me any other nasty side effects that gels do."


Green Tea & Ginger

Active Root Green Tea & Ginger sports drink delivers a refreshing, light and slightly earthy taste, great towards the end of races or simply when you want a less sweet flavour option. 

As with all Active Root products, Green Tea & Ginger contains the optimum amount of ginger to keep your stomach settled and prevent bloating. 

Perfect for anyone who doesn't want a sweet drink but needs to keep fuelled and hydrated! 

Taste: earthy and less sweet

Best to use: during and after

Additional benefits: less sweet flavour option to help avoid flavour fatigue 

- Fiona Russell - Adventure Racer Testimonial

"And there is a new flavour, Active Root Green Tea and Ginger drink. I really like this. It’s the same drink as the Original flavour but with an added touch of green tea, which gives a cooler, slightly more earthy flavour. It’s a less sweet taste and I far prefer it.

This is a better taste for the latter stages of a long training run or race when you are fed up with sweet snacks and drinks. It’s also a great taste for people who are not so keen on the flavour of ginger.

I enjoyed taking regular sips of Active Root drink during a recent race."