We Help You Cycle & Re-Cycle

Tub Refills

You can now not only refill your old tubs at events that we are attending, but also online as well! 

The idea for Tub Refills came about as a result of customers wanting more Active Root, but already having loads of old Active Root tubs cluttering their shelves. 

Although our tubs are recyclable, it's obviously better if they are reused. 

So if your tub is now running low, you can either meet us at an event we're attending and refill from one of our Active Root Powder Stations, or go online and purchase a biodegradable refill bag! 

Bottle Amnesty

Got any old water bottles? Then bring them along to an event we're attending and we'll happily swap them for a brand new Active Root one! We then take all the old bottles away to be recycled at the end of the event.

We'll also fill up your new bottle with your favourite flavour of Active Root! 

You can find all our events at the bottom of the page here: https://activeroot.co.uk/find-your-root




Recyclable Materials At Events

We are commited to only using recyclable, recycled or re-useable cups at expos or events that we sponsor.

At expos we use small paper thimbles that can be easily recycled, whereas at events we either use recycled plastic cups, or you might see us with a couple of washing up bowls at aid stations washing up re-usable mugs.